Reliable and experienced IT relocation support to move, add, change, and deploy expensive IT equipment in data center and office environments.

IT Relocation Services

With over 30 years in the industry, we have developed a team of qualified specialists to assist in every aspect of an IT move from start to finish – delivering customized Relocation Services. We are committed to ensuring a seamless relocation experience. Every single detail of every project is carefully planned to ensue downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Moving your company and infrastructure is an enormous undertaking and putting this job in the hands of a company that can properly execute from beginning to end is critical.

Growth and consolidations present a challenge for most organizations. These types of events require coordination across multiple departments and stakeholders.

ComputerLand has a proven process and track record for delivering full IT relocation projects that include office and data center moves.

IT Relocation Services for your office

Office IT Relocation

  • Full Relocation Project Management
  • Provide a move plan and supporting documentation
  • Disconnection and Reconnection of IT Equipment


ComputerLand can design and develop your Network Infrastructure with an operating system for routing, switching and security platforms.

Office IT Relocation

  • Redesign
  • Build-out
  • Installation
  • Migration


  • Voice
  • Data
  • Video
  • Fiber Cabling Services
ComputerLand can provide you with IT solutions and services

Asset Management

  • Serialization & Tagging
  • Inventory
  • Imaging
  • Upgrading
  • Allocation
  • Physical Storage
IT technician with network equipment and cables

Network Infrastructure

  • Premise-based phones
  • Switches, servers, firewalls, and access points

Certificate of Insurance

ComputerLand carries the highest insurances to protect your company against any possible risks. Contact us for your IT Relocation project today!

A: Emails us your requirements for review.

A: We offer additional manpower and equipment such as computer carts, monitor sleeves, and covers as well as blankets, shrink wrap, and boxes to store all their cables, cases, wires, and cords.

A: Yes. We can assist you with transporting your ewaste to the nearest ewaste recycling facility.

A: Please contact us for pricing.

Workspace Planning -
All equipment is labeled and mapped to ensure efficient relocation.
Server Room –
Meticulous detail to provide reliable de-racking, re-racking and cabling services.
Our industrial graded equipment containers store and provide maximum protection during relocation.
Our experienced team members take extra care of all IT equipment during transit.
ComputerLand was able to successfully complete an entire departmental (Resource Management Agency) move of 160 employees over the course of a weekend without a hitch. The Statement of Work (SoW) included: disconnecting, packing, transporting and set-up of workstations, laptops, printers and other IT related equipment.

While the move was originally scoped for a 3-day weekend, ComputerLand’s relocation team worked efficiently and completed the project in a day and a half. Despite the accelerated schedule, the project team was both sensitive, and accommodative to our needs. Ultimately, the group as a whole was a pleasure to work with on the project.

Brett Fulgoni, Real Property Specialist, County of Monterey

Benefits of partnering with ComputerLand include:

  • 30 years of IT Relocation and Project Management Experience
  • Enterprise-level IT support
  • Protection from all forms of malware and hackers
  • Peace of mind knowing your business can recover from any disaster
  • On-demand access to systems and data from anywhere, at anytime
  • IT procurement through our top-tier partnerships save time and money

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