Implementing a Unified Communication Platform

    • Unified Communication

ComputerLand implemented a Unified Communication Platform for a company that designs and manufactures products for embedded computing, test and measurement, and automation applications.

This company is a leader in Edge AI solutions, seeks to enhance its global operations and connectivity by adopting a unified communication platform. This initiative is integral to maintaining its industry prominence and effectively serving its international clientele.


The project aims to create an all-encompassing communication system, combining calling, messaging, and conferencing into a single, cloud-based application. This platform is expected to streamline communication processes, aligning them closely with the company’s day-to-day operations.


With operations in over 40 countries, this company faces challenges in maintaining efficient communication and operational harmony. The current system lacks the integration and modern features necessary for effective global coordination, hindering operational efficiency.


The proposed solution is a comprehensive communication platform that centralizes cloud-based telephony, unified calling, chat, and meetings. This modernized system will improve alignment with their operational needs, enhancing global connectivity and efficiency.