Private Christian College in Tennessee’s Transition to Office 365 Exchange Online

    • Microsoft

This College embarked on a strategic transition to Office 365 Exchange Online, aiming to enhance digital communication for its 1,400 members. This project is a significant shift from traditional systems to a cloud-based platform, aligning with modern educational needs.


The project encompasses upgrading the email system from an on-premises Exchange 2019 to a more versatile Office 365 infrastructure. It involves revamping client access, mailbox servers, and integrating Outlook across different operating systems, ensuring a scalable and dynamic email environment.


The existing on-premises Exchange 2019 system is limited in meeting the growing demands for flexibility and scalability in digital communication and collaboration, necessitating a move to a more robust and adaptable platform.


The solution involves implementing a comprehensive migration strategy to Office 365 Exchange Online. This includes synchronizing Active Directory with Azure AD, utilizing ID fix tools for pre-migration adjustments, setting up a Hybrid Exchange configuration, and providing extensive support during and after the transition. This migration not only addresses current limitations but also positions the college for future technological advancements.