Strengthening Cybersecurity Infrastructure at a Bay Area Law Firm with AADP and AATP

    • Cloud, Security

A Silicon Valley-based law firm, has embarked on a cybersecurity enhancement project with ComputerLand of Silicon Valley. The initiative aims to bolster email and identity security within the Microsoft 365 Business Suite, utilizing Azure AD Premium and Azure Advanced Threat Protection.


The project’s scope includes the strategic implementation of essential security components: Multi-Factor Authentication, Advanced Threat Protection, Safe Links, Safe Attachments, and Anti-Phish Policies. These measures are designed to reinforce the law firms’ defenses against cyber threats.


The Firm faced the challenge of securing sensitive intellectual property data in a rapidly evolving digital threat landscape. The existing security protocols were insufficient for the firm’s high-risk environment, necessitating an urgent upgrade.


The solution involved a detailed deployment strategy:

  • Setting up ATP policies in the Microsoft 365 portal.
  • Deploying and testing Safe Links, Safe Attachments, and anti-phish policies.
  • Configuring Conditional Access policies for Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Implementing a phased rollout of MFA, starting with a pilot group, followed by a firm-wide implementation.
  • Providing comprehensive post-deployment support for Windows 10 workstations and Outlook authentication, ensuring seamless integration of new security measures.

This project has significantly enhanced their cybersecurity infrastructure, equipping the firm with advanced tools and policies to protect its intellectual assets.