Unlock Limitless Learning: Empower Your Campus with the Ultimate Connectivity

With the increasing number of remote learners and staff across all educational sectors, the necessity for dependable, high-speed internet is paramount. The California Connects program is designed to support a diverse range of educational institutions—from K-12 schools and charter schools to community colleges, colleges, and universities—in California. This initiative is committed to fostering accessible and continuous education for all.

Franklin T10 Mobile Hotspot Device Coupled with Monthly Service

The California Connects program offers educational organizations the Franklin T10 mobile hotspot device, equipped with 4G or 5G connectivity. This provides a dependable and economical internet connection solution for students, faculty, and staff across various educational settings.

  • No Throttling, Suspension, or Overage Charges: provide access to educational resources, virtual classrooms, and communication platforms.
  • Reliable Coverage: Benefit from extensive 4G and 5G coverage, subject to network prioritization, ensuring your academic community stays connected wherever they are. Coverage and network availability vary by area; detailed information is available at www.tmobile.com/coverage
  • Available at a monthly rate of $19.99*, excluding a one-time device cost.

Invest in Student Success

By partnering with ComputerLand to provide the Franklin T10 mobile hotspot device, the following benefits are available:

  • Enhance remote learning capabilities, ensuring students have the necessary tools to succeed in their academic pursuits.
  • Support faculty and staff in delivering high-quality education and services, regardless of location.
  • Demonstrate your college’s commitment to technological advancement and educational equity.

*Monthly rate does not include one-time device cost. Includes 4G or 5G connectivity with no throttling, suspension, or overage charges.

California Connects Program

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