Securing your organization
Risk, Threat, Vulnerability and Compliance.

The constant evolution of Information Technology creates a relentless need to continuously safeguard against risks and vulnerabilities. There will never be an all-in-one-solution to IT Security. IT Security requires a multi-layered approach with security stop gaps at end-points (email, internet connection), storage (off and on-premises), WANs, LANs, Servers, Virtual PCs, Networks including printers, uploading and downloading of data, mobile devices and more.

IT Security requires an integrated approach — from assessment to developing requirements to structuring a robust roadmap — to maintain a successful cybersecurity posture.

Organizations wanting to include ‘Cyber Insurance’ or ‘Data Breach Insurance’ with their General Liability Insurance will be required to have certain safeguards in place like anti-virus and firewall protection, etc. to get a policy issued. ComputerLand can consult with your IT Team to assist in obtaining the best cybersecurity controls and systems your budget will allow.

There are countless opportunities for security attacks, whether you have all your data on-prem (hopefully with backups in different locations) or are migrating platforms off premise to the cloud.

Cloud security is a fundamentally new landscape for many organizations. While many of the security principles remain the same as on-premises, the implementation is often very different. Here are some best practices for cloud security:

ComputerLand’s IT Security Strategy

  • ASSESSMENT – A full technology audit and data gathering will provide us with a detailed and comprehensive picture of your existing network architecture, IT infrastructure and working environment. 
  • RECOMMENDATION – We provide a proposal for a customized solution designed specifically around your organization. We will recommend a course of action with clearly defined objectives, an architecture map and a scalable and detailed plan. 
  • IMPLEMENTATION – ComputerLand will manage all aspects of the implementation process, including design, procurement, project management, testing, training and documentation. During the implementation process, we will work closely with your existing IT team to ensure the best possible results. 
  • MONITORING – Ensuring that your technology performs optimally and securely at all times is our job. We provide solutions that continuously monitor, assess and track the performance and security of your network and applications. 
  • MANAGEMENT – Our uniquely designed approach to systems maintenance and support helps you to reduce costs by managing your systems with greater efficiency. 

We provide IT Security to protect your databases, software, applications, servers, devices, and information assurance.


Preventing unauthorized or malicious users from getting inside your network. With an increase in the number of endpoints migrating to the cloud, this is a challenge for IT.


Advance malware protection and device management software are used to provide protection at the device level to prevent devices from accessing malicious networks that may threaten your organization.


Protecting information sent and received in browsers and web-based applications. Firewalls, Anti-malware and Anti-spyware are used to protect against unwanted traffic.

Applications, data, and identities are moving to the cloud, meaning users are connecting directly to the Internet and are not protected by the traditional security stack. Cloud security can help secure the usage of software-as-aservice (SaaS) applications and the public cloud.

A cloud-access security broker (CASB), secure Internet gateway (SIG), and cloud-based unified threat management (UTM) can be used for cloud security.


Applications are specifically coded at the time of their creation to be as secure as possible, to help ensure they are not vulnerable to attacks. This added layer of security involves evaluating the code of an app and identifying the vulnerabilities that may exist within the software.

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