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As a Microsoft Partner for over 30 years, ComputerLand has decades of experience implementing Microsoft Solutions for public and private organizations. As a Microsoft Partner we make sure your IT capabilities align with your long-term strategic goals.

ComputerLand provides a Full Microsoft Stack which includes Windows, Microsoft 365, Teams, Microsoft Security and Azure. We are experienced and qualified to advise and integrate the entire suite of Microsoft Solutions.

Our in-house Microsoft Solutions Architects have maintained strict Microsoft certifications and qualifications for Cloud and On-Prem technologies ensuring your implementations are seamless.

Azure Infrastructure

With more than 200 products and cloud services, the Azure cloud platform is designed to solve tomorrows challenges – today. Not only is Azure a scalable, cost-effective solution that works with existing technology, but is considered to be the only consistent hybrid cloud used by most Fortune 500 companies.

Organizations want to enable hybrid cloud strategies for the following reasons:

No on-site data center needed. Data center costs are saved as well as future hardware investments.

Access. There are data centers in over 140 nations.

Affordable. Pay-As-You-Go subscription model allows for complete control.

Scalable and Flexible. In a dynamic market, you need to be able to adapt rapidly.

Data Insurance. Azure DR secures data during an outage or natural disaster.

Security Controls. Built-in security controls and Azure’s exclusive threat intelligence to protect critical data.