Streamlined SharePoint Online Migration for Southern California Community College

    • Microsoft

Southern California Community College has undertaken a project to transition from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online. This move is aimed at eliminating redundant pages and incorporating new features to enhance data management and collaboration efficiency.


The scope involves a meticulous review of over 2000 site pages, retaining only essential content for migration to SharePoint Online. The focus is on simplifying and optimizing the platform for user efficiency.


The college’s existing SharePoint 2013 system was outdated, leading to inefficiencies in collaboration and data management. The cluttered platform with unused pages hindered user experience and operational productivity.


The solution encompassed:

  • Analyzing existing site pages for relevance.
  • Developing a modernization plan for a user-friendly SharePoint infrastructure.
  • Strategically migrating active data to SharePoint Online and discarding outdated content.
  • Training IT staff on new features and maintenance best practices.
  • Engaging stakeholders and conducting training sessions for faculty and staff to facilitate smooth adoption.
  • Establishing a dedicated helpdesk and providing support materials like user guides for seamless user transition.

The migration to SharePoint Online streamlined collaboration, leading to increased engagement, productivity, and reduced maintenance requirements.